We first visited Sicily in September 2016, flying Glasgow to Rome, then taking the train from Rome to Messina. A magnificent train ride down the Mediterranean coast  to the little town of Villa San Giovanni, where the train drives on to the boat for the short crossing to Messina. The next day we took a bus down to Siracusa, where we stayed on the ancient island city of Ortigia
We returned the following April, and were there for Easter. I’ll be posting more images from that trip here soon.

On the boat-train to Sicily - the train is loaded on the ferry at Villa San Giovanni  in Reggio Calabria, at the toenail of the Italian peninsula, and conveyed across the Strait to Messina in Sicily

Arriving in Messina as the sun sets behind the town

Messina's cathedral in Piazza Duomo

The Giants Mata and Grifone sit on horseback in Messina's Piazza Unione Europea, looking out on the Strait of Messina and ships that pass 

The dusk light colours the doorway of the ruined church of San Giovanni Battista in the island of Ortigia, the oldest part of the city of Siracusa

Above and Below: night in the magnificent Piazza Duomo in Ortigia

Below: Three houses in Piazza Federico di Svevia, at the southern end of Ortigia

Duomo (Cathedral) di Siracusa in Piazza Duomo on the island of Ortigia

Above and Below : a Majolica shop in Ortigia

Above and Below : Streets of Ortigia 
Sunset over Ortigia 
More to follow...
Here’s a taster: spot the erupting volcano....
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